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"In Yo' Place!"

Longitude. With a Latitude!

A place finder for over 20,000 American cities.

"In Yo' Place!" is a simple program for finding the longitude and latitude
of over 20,000 cities in the United States of America. "IYP" is Shareware and
only costs $9.00 (USD).

IYP is currently in alpha test

Download the latest alpha version of "In Yo' Place!"

"In Yo Place!" is Shareware

To register, please send $9.00 to:
     Yisrael (Russ) Hersch
     Havradim 11
     Ginot Shomron  44853
Thank you.

Download the full uncrippled version.

Download .EXE file (548K) Download .ZIP file (300K)