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Geographic locations

In Yo' Place! - program for finding American cities

"In Yo' Place!" is a simple program for finding out the longitude and latitude
of over 20,000 cities in the United States of America. "IYP" is Shareware and
only costs $9.00 (USD). For more information, follow the link:
In Yo' Place! - Location finder for American cities
(The pre-release alpha version is currently available)

Web sites for finding longitude/latitude

U.S. Gazetteer
Canada's Official Geographical Names Web Site
Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Koordinaten der Städte der Welt
The NAC Home Page
Microsoft Expedia Maps - Place Finder
The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker
Astrodienst Zürich - commercial astrology site

Web sites for finding time zones (UT offset)
Local times around the world
Tapaz time zone page
World Time Zone
Time zones in Russia (in Russian)
Time zone page for Internet radio site
USNO world time zone map