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Download Kaluach

Kaluach is NOT Freeware - it is Careware

To register, please make a charitable DONATION to my BEIT KNESSET.
Send your donation to:
	Beit Knesset Heichal Rafael
	Ginot Shomron  44853
Thank you and shalom.

Download Kaluach 2 (for Windows 9x / NT / 2000)

Download KALUACH 2 EXE file (388K)
Download KALUACH 2 ZIP file (166K)

Download version Kaluach 1.01

Are you still using Windows 3.1?
Then download version 1.01 of Kaluach.
Download KALUACH 1.01 EXE file (311K)
Download KALUACH 1.01 ZIP file (104K)