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KDATE Software Developer's Library

KDATE.DLL is a small and easy-to-use DLL that adds a variety of Hebrew/Civil
date functions to your own programs.

KDATE functions

CivilToHebrew - converts civil date to Hebrew date HebrewToCivil - converts Hebrew date to civil date GetTodayHebrew - gets today's Hebrew date GetTodayCivil - gets today's civil date DayOfWeek - returns the day of the week NextDay - one day forward PrevDay - one day back GetParsha - returns the Shabbat parsha (reading) GetMoadim - returns what's happening on the current day

License agreement

A personal-use license agreement is available for $50. A commercial-use license agreement can be negotiated (with favorable terms).

KDATE.DLL is currently in use by

DoroTree Technologies, Ltd.

A limited demo version is available for download

Download demo DLL with full sample application (44K)