About Kaluach

Kaluach is an easy to use Hebrew/Civil calendar.

Version 2 !!

Kaluach's features:
- A full month (either Hebrew or civil) is displayed on the screen with all Jewish holidays, fast days
  (ta'aniot), Shabbat parshiot, counting of the omer (sfirat haomer), birchat hachama, and more
- Daily halachic times (zmanim): alot hashachar, earliest time for tallit and tefillin,
  netz hachama (sunrise), latest times for shema and tefillah, chatzot hayom, mincha
  gedolah and ketanah, shkiat hachama (sunset), tzeit hakochavim
- Shabbat times: hadlakat nerot (candle lighting) and tzeit shabbat (the end of Shabbat)
- Halachic times calculated according to selected shitot and location.
- Choice of Hebrew or English language display, Hebrew support even under standard English Windows
- Hebrew date is displayed in the Windows 95 status line when the window is minimized
  (displays in Hebrew under Hebrew Enabled Windows)
- User can add personal data such as birthdays, anniversaries, and yahrzeits.

New features in Kaluach 2:
- Exclusive! The first ever software Afikoman! Hidden in the program is an afikoman, just like
  Easter Eggs (l'havdil) hidden in other programs.
- Improved user interface (easier to use, larger display, quicker and easy selection of shitot)
- Improved printing (Hebrew/civil month printed with weekly halachic times)
- Display of information about Hebrew year
- Automatic daylight saving time observance (several popular schemes)
- Optional display of daf yomi and mishna yomit
- Additional options/shitot for time calculations
- Switch between default locations for Israel and diaspora. Many new locations added.
- 12/24 hour clock display

Rabbi Safe - No rabbis were harmed in the production of Kaluach (although some might
have become seriously disturbed).
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